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MULTISCOPE KENYA aims at building the capacity of communities to drive positive change and attain self reliance in their development endeavors.



The overall vision of MULTISCOPE KENYA is to be a champion of progressive change and empowerment in the Rift Valley and Kenya in general


The organization will work closely with organized communities and partners to support home grown initiatives that aim at alleviating poverty through sustainable development programmes.

Specific Aims and Objectives:

  • To raise carry out civic education on progressive governance in line with the spirit of the new republican constitution
  • To foster co-existence of communities through peace building and reconciliation
  • To promote sustainable development trough prudent use of natural resource exploitation  and environmental conservation
  • To empower the communities through capacity building and entrepreneurship


The Multiscope Center for Change and Empowerment (MULTISCOPE KENYA) is a national Non Governmental Organization / Not for Profit Organization operating in the Republic of Kenya. MULTISCOPE KENYA was formed by a multi-disciplinary professional caucus from the former Rift Valley province in a meeting held in November 2011. The caucus felt that there was a major disconnect between the grass–root communities and the international / national drivers of progressive and sustainable development. The result of the gap is manifested in the dearth of material, economic, information and moral poverty among the people. To bridge this lacuna, the caucus registered MULTISCOPE KENYA as a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) on 14th March 2012 (Registration Number OP.218/051/11-0888/7854).

MULTISCOPE KENYA is operationally organized as a coalition of community based actors pursuing community development agenda. MULTISCOPE KENYA seeks to serve as a catalyst for sustainable and transformational development in the communities it serves. Currently operating in the 14 counties of the former Rift Valley Province of Kenya, its overall aim is to build local capacity to address the key challenges of socio-economic development. Our mission is to be a catalyst for long-lasting positive change in low- and moderate-income communities in our programme areas, helping them improve their social, economic and environmental conditions. MULTISCOPE KENYA endeavors to localize and mainstream the ideals of the Millennium Development Goals (soon to be Sustainable Development Goals) and those of the National Vision 2030.

Currently MULTISCOPE KENYA is implementing its interventionist agenda on behalf of the communities through its Five Point Programme Agenda namely:

  • The Human Rights Programme (HRP)
  • The Environment and Land Resources Programme (ELRP)
  • Governance Accountability Programme (GAP)
  • Peace Building and Community Cohesion Programme (PBCCP)
  • Community Empowerment Programme (CEP)

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