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To ensure responsible handling of the materials at every step of the process, a rigorous chain of custody procedure is in place from product collection to chemical processing. Many chest freezers that were manufactured prior to 2001 contain mercury.

For many years, CFLs were the first choice in lighting because they were more energy efficient than incandescent lighting.

CFLs themselves contain cash loans very small amount of mercury, less than in an average can of tuna. Now that LEDs are readily available and affordably priced, they are quickly replacing CFLs as an energy efficient, green lighting solution. Please keep mercury-containing products intact when dropping them off for recycling. Cash loans safety reasons, do not attempt to remove mercury yourself.

In the event of a spill, follow the Environment and Climate Change Canada guidelines for cleaning up small mercury spills. Clean up our environment. Business Products LightingDrop-Off LocationsResidential Mercury Collection Drop-Off Locations Use the map below to find the Mercury Collection drop-off location nearest you.

Business Mercury Collection Drop-Off Locations Use the map cash loans to find the Mercury Collection drop-off location nearest you. Contractors Drop-off Location Guidelines Thank you for doing your part to reduce mercury entering the Nova Scotian environment. If you are located in Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) and have over 500 lighting cash loans items, please bring them to Dan-X Recycling at 64 Trider Crescent in Burnside Industrial Park in Dartmouth. If you have over 1,000 lighting items, please contact us for a free on-site pick-up.

If cash loans you are located outside of HRM and have over 500 lighting items, contact us for a free on-site pick-up. The program reserves the right to decline any pick-up requests at our discretion, for reasons such as safety concerns or not meeting program eligibility criteria.

Why should I recycle mercury-containing products. Is there a fee for recycling mercury-containing products. There is no cost for you to take advantage of this service. If this service is free, who pays for it. This program is funded by Nova Scotia Power. How are mercury-containing products recycled. Does my fridge or freezer contain mercury. Do I need to remove the mercury from the product before I drop it off for recycling.

Would I have some of these products in my home. For additional information, call 1-877-999-6035Partners Administered by Share this article. Talk to an energy solutions advisor at 1-877-999-6035 MaterialWP by Brad Williams. Mercury is used in a wide variety of household products. These items release mercury into the environment and home when broken, mishandled or disposed of.

Proper care is important when dealing with mercury-containing products. If spilled, mercury absorbs into many household materials while slowly evaporating into the air over time, allowing for exposure. Knowing what products and items contain mercury and handling them properly will limit the risk of mercury exposure. Common products often have a simple and environmentally friendly alternative.

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